Velvet Revolution

Fashion first embraced this luxe woven fabric and now it’s found its way home.


Contrasting dramatically with the recent decorating trend of cool and sleek industrial designs, velvet is all warm and cozy with a plush texture and feel-good personality. It works in both traditional and contemporary interiors. “Velvet was highly popular during the very traditional Victorian era, as well as during the height of modernity, like the 1930s Golden Age of Hollywood,” says Scott De Lello, an interior designer in Los Angeles. Velvet is prized for a textural quality that changes based on how the light hits it and how the fabric is combed. Here are some of the furnishings you might want to envelop in velvet.

Velvet is versatile and can’t be pinned down to one style. A tufted, scroll-arm camelback sofa covered in rich velvet is elegant, timeless, and looks good in a living room, family room, or master bedroom suite. But then so does a modern boxy sofa with clean lines covered in a metallic velvet fabric.


Antique chair from purple velvet in front of white room


If a velvet sofa is too big of a commitment, think about a velvet armchair. It won’t be the room’s focal point but it will add a different texture to the setting. It works on many chair styles – mid-century modern, slipper, wingback or whatever upholstered chair is in your home right now.

Throw pillows
A perfect way to add much-needed energy to a well-loved sofa, velvet throw pillows come in solids and patterns, different shapes and sizes and every color you can think of. It’s the most affordable way to introduce the trend to your home.

Prop your feet up on a plush velvet-covered ottoman or use it for stylish seating when guests come over.

Why shouldn’t the bedroom get in on the velvet moment too? If you’ve got an upholstered headboard, cover it in velvet for a sumptuous look that will make the bed even more inviting. “Velvet has a very smooth, sensual, and warm feel and therefore it’s perfect for use on a headboard,” De Lello says. home_velvet_headboardBut to keep it looking well-groomed, vacuum it regularly. “You may also want to wrap a wooden board with a remnant of the velvet fabric and use it to ‘comb’ the fibers in a uniform direction to remove fingerprints.”


Velvet draperies not only add elegance to a room with its linear look but they also are practical: They keep the heat in during cold months and block the light when you want some shade.