Travel-Inspired Home Design

Telescope in living room interior

Looking to add some flair to your home? Inspiration can be found almost anywhere and your interior style can be tailored to reflect places you’ve traveled.

Whether you call to mind the narrow streets of London, the sand-bleached beaches of a Caribbean island, the urban buzz of New York City, or the quite calm of the country, designs can reflect your travels and evoke some of the same feelings you experienced when visiting that favorite place. Professional interior designers often pull inspiration from unique places, and so can you, especially if you’ve ventured to a few places near or far.

For those of you who want to illustrate your wanderlust through your home’s decor, consider these tips.

Work with colors

Think about the colors that signify a particular locale and bring those hues into the space. The color palettes of the beach, for example, include grays, beiges, blues, and greens. The popularity of gray-tone neutrals allows you to bring in these colors as a neutral backdrop, and then add a splash of whimsy with a few decorative accents.

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Reclaimed Metal Whale. Where to Buy: Soldier58, Bordentown. Photo courtesy of Soldier58

Try natural materials

Vacation hotspots like Hawaii, Southern California and other areas of the Pacific tend to put heavy emphasis on natural materials. Items like bamboo, sea grass, stones, and woven baskets can will invite the outdoors in.

Embrace the vibe

Urban centers are awash in energy and color. This spirit can be reflected with modern architecture, bold prints, metallic accents, and innovative lighting.

Pick an inspiration piece

Direct your focus to one particular memento from a vacation or even a day trip. A vivid piece of artwork, a piece of furniture, a sculpture, just about anything that’s special to you, can serve as a catalyst for an entire room. Use this piece to coordinate colors and textures.

Lanne landscapes on vintage linen
Landscapes on raw edged vintage linen by Jennifer Lanne. Where to Buy:

Remember, to evoke the spirit of an area when decorating, keep it subtle. Too many details or over-the-top replication might seem like you are dressing a stage set rather than your home.