Tile Trends – Playing House at Richmond Tile

Tile Trends - Playing House at Richmond Tile
Playing with Peccioli – Gia and Gabriella are holding handmade tiles from Italy, available in any color, finish, size and material. Peccioli of Tuscany is a high-end designer tile house.

We scheduled a “play date” with Richmond Tile to learn where the future of fashion is headed when it comes to kitchens, baths, and all-things tile. 

Richmond’s resident trendsetter, Anthony Cotugno, sat down with us for a Q&A while Gia and Gabriella led us through the showroom on a playful adventure. 

Richmond tile trend-setters
Anthony Cotugno and Anthony Vanario, the driving forces behind Richmond Tile & Bath.
Custom plank mix in Sahara Noir in 4 different finishes to create a clean look with tons of texture. High gloss polished black-on-black windowpane floor in Sahara Noir Porcelain. Free standing Modern Bain Ultra Air jetted tub.

Playing With Tile Trends 

HGNJ: Looking around your showroom, it’s very evident that you can create spaces that only dreams are made of. It’s a homeowner’s wonderland. Tell us where your clients are trending in their own rooms. 


AC: Glamour is at the forefront. People want to feel more elevated in their living space. The idea that certain tiles are too big or too small in certain spaces doesn’t mean much anymore. Larger tiles can be just as grand in a small space or a ballroom. 

Durable, and ornate can coexist with children, pets, and busy households. The beauty of tile is that you can elevate the design and it can still be beautiful and durable, that’s livable glamour. 

We’re creating differentiated spaces with tile; think of hobby and craft rooms, playrooms, spaces with defined uses. As families spend more time at home creating, working, cooking, and learning, the vision for their spaces become very specific. 


AC: Solid color wall tiles are creating new fresh spaces.

Clients are having less fear around color and we’re expanding our neutrals beyond gray. We seeing a shift back to basics with khakis, browns, blacks, taupes, and peaches. Army is on-trend, with tone-on-tone creams and beiges.

Accents are stepping up with colors we’d normally be afraid of like pops of pinks, aquas, yellows – bright hues; combine those pops with beige and it acts as a sounding board, almost muting them. 

Palettes are becoming softer, while the design is becoming stronger. That means we’re using larger tiles, heavier textures, finishes that are non-traditional (like leathered) in order to use softer, more glamorous colors. Mixing hard and soft via colors, such as mixing pink with rustic golds. Color marries strength. 

trending tile designs
Gia hopscotches over primary color-through-body, commercial grade porcelain tiles. Sizes vary from 12×24 to 48×48.

Finishes – Matte or Polished

AC:  Everyone wonders what the slip factor is. Basically, any tile wet is slippery and any tile dry is ok regardless of finish. Experiment.  Marry matte and polished in one application, using different textures and finishes to create a monochromatic smooth design. Take one color and utilize the different textures to create one sophisticated design. 


AC: For me, modern more contemporary designs are leading toward longer planks and larger squares while staying very clean in the lines and cuts.

More traditional homes are seeing softer edges in fishtails, hex, and stones. 

Subway tile fans shouldn’t despair; there’s always room for this fan-favorite but make them your own by stacking them vertically, using them in a herringbone design, or mixing colors in the same tones.  Try 3 or 4 different pinks, you’ll love the result. 

Don’t be afraid of random, it’s ok to be more fluid in your designs. These hold true in any room. Isolate features in the kitchen with islands, countertops, backsplashes – complement the elements in the room. Create moments. Take each opportunity in the room to create something personal and special. 

Decorative tile design
Tone-on-tone beige stone tiles with gold deco accents. Custom French shower doors with satin brass details. All satin brass plumbing.

What’s next?

AC: Art applications are surging. Traditionally we’d look at a mosaic wall where now we are seeing huge focal walls with art added to them. It’s a process but the result is a large format wall decoration to mimic a painting or wallpaper. Think of hallways, dining room, and gathering areas for application. They are not only gorgeous but have the added benefits of never scratching or tearing, they are extremely family-friendly. 

Is there life after gray?

AC: Yes. There was life before gray. If you’re regretting the gray paint job there’s hope. My suggestion to transition out is simple: utilize gray as your sounding board color. Use gray as the foundation and push the envelope with color in accent pieces. It doesn’t mean you have to redo your home, the key is integration. 

How can you elevate your existing space and bring glamour to the home?

New trends are livable glamour. Durable, and ornate can coexist with children, pets, etc. The beauty of tile is that you can elevate the design and it can still be beautiful and durable. 


AC:  A good designer will help you overcome hurdles and give you the vision to see the complete design vs having to compartmentalize a layout in your mind. Allow colors, fixtures, and tile to dictate the space.

You want to create a carousel effect of walking through your home with ease. 

In the end, when you walk into a finished space, you should be able to identify the homeowner through the design; have a clear identity of who she is by the space. If your design does not have an identity, you need to start over.

Never compromise your gut, it is your kitchen after all! 

Always think of a room as an outfit! There should be a staple, an accent, a wow, and glamour. 

 One little girl. 86 Countries. LaDiva is the brand.

 Anthony Cotugno travels the world curating the finest tile for the Richmond Tile showroom and its clientele. While traveling in Naples, he met designer, Fabio Pesce. 

The two became friends and recognized an opportunity to collaborate on a tile collection that was both glamorous and durable. They started producing and designing tiles that gave a presence of athleticism. They took the traditional subway and field tile and created a new iconic design.  Anthony, who had a heavy hand in choosing colors and collections, knew the line had to have worldwide appeal. 

Anthony’s love of design is second only to his love for family.  You’ll only need to spend a few moments with this man to hear him gush over Gia, his beautiful goddaughter. Thus Gia became the natural inspiration for the tile collection and LaDiva was born. 

More than just a private collection for Richmond Tile, LaDiva’s reach spans 86 countries.

Anthony is the US Ambassador for the brand and Richmond Tile is one of its only East Coast representatives.