There Are No Rules

Good design is art, and a well-designed home should be an artistic reflection of who you are, your personality and your mood. Whether you’re bold and extroverted, quiet and introspective, athletic, sexy, moody or minimalist, you know what you like, but do you know how to reflect it within your four walls? Are there design rules? Do you have to conform? The answer is a resounding “no.”

Enter Anthony Cotugno, VP of Richmond Tile. Anthony and his design team at Richmond Tile will guide you through the creation of your personal live-in masterpiece. They will get to know you and your project and create a one-of-a-kind space as unique as you.   

Cotugno wants clients to know that “Here at Richmond Tile there are multiple salespeople and designers who have completely different visions of what beautiful design is. You’ll gravitate towards the designer that you’re meant to work with. The same tile that you are afraid of, with the right designer, can have a completely different outcome than with a designer that doesn’t have your vision.”

Versace MegaBarocco from the Maximvs Collection

The goal at Richmond Tile is to create a working environment where every customer should feel that they can bounce ideas off everyone here for a different viewpoint. The energy at Richmond is fluidity and comradery during the creative process.

Teresa Tumminia, designer for At Home Custom Interiors, echo’s the sentiment. “I know that coming into Richmond Tile, if I want to have multiple conversations with the showroom designers about a project I’m working on that I’ll get a different perspective and vision from each team member.”

The relationship between Anthony and Teresa has grown into an organic, fluid collaboration where they create and bounce ideas off each other. “We tell stories through design and although we can come from opposite directions, we bring our thoughts and ideas together in an intimate way where it creates magic,” says Anthony.

Regarding the issue’s cover photo Teresa adds, that “Anthony made me step out of my comfort zone, to show the world our creative relationship through the eyes of a photo. He encourages me to step outside of the box to create ideas and designs that the average person may not really think of. Our relationship has evolved into creating the trends, rather than following them.”

Photo courtesy of Richmond Tile

Look to the showroom at Richmond Tile for creativity and genuine design expression, a place where you can be free to have your own thoughts and ideas. We take your vision and elevate it for you, we’ll never stomp on your dreams or tell you that you’re breaking the rules. Richmond Tile is about building relationships and growing with you as your needs change.

Richmond Tile’s reach is far and wide. Truly collaborative, they work with manufacturers in developing and importing products. Anthony Cotugno states, “We have creative input in so much of the product we import. Designers like Teresa Tumminia have been waiting for this; for a chance to take the florals and tapestries beyond the soft goods and into the hard lines. These new collections give designers the ability to create eccentricity, groundbreaking moments with tiles that will tell your design story in your home.”

Cotugno and Tumminia agree that there are no rules regarding “traditional esthetics” as they had some fun rethinking these palettes:

Pink –

No more bubblegum, no more sass. Think more outdoorsy, rustic, cool vibes. Pair it with khaki, brown, white, woods. Pairing pastel pink with a rustic wide porcelain wood plank floor is a new spin on farmhouse chic.

Beige –

Pair it with metallics, pastels, even forest green and your traditional beige becomes current, modern, and elevated.

Navy –

Not just for boys. Bring in soft hues like gold, teak, soft browns, add softness to a strong blue tile. Combine dove gray flooring, a clawfoot tub, and rose gold plumbing with a navy accent and you’ve just created the most whimsical moment. Who says strong colors can’t be feminine too.

Green –

Think luxury. It’s the new black and white moment. The new lux color. Move away from the traditional gold pairing and think green with traditional polished chromes, satin nickels or take it into a more modern look with matte black. Green is the new boy’s blue.

Gray –

The staple pairing of gray and white has now evolved into the variations of gray. Surround yourself with the right design team and they will show you the range of grays. Gray can go dark and modern or cool and soft, it has many different hues depending on the components, moments, and accents, it’s what you pull out of it. Gray can range from hints of blue-green to beige-brown depending on accents and finish.

Carmella Collection from LaDiva Tile

Versace –

Not only for the over-the-top, eccentric, fashionable person. Some of the collections gear themselves toward more traditional, even rustic interiors. Collections are expansive enough to furnish your rustic farmhouse to your traditional French provincial and even your weekend beach cottage. The difference with Versace is that you can keep it as simple as you like or take it to elaborate art installations with metallics and bold decorations. Versace is a master in combining classic styles of tile with fashionable colors, like their Calacatta green. This gorgeous tile brings in more of a natural element, especially when mixed with teak and grass cloth.

Tresor De La Mer White Lux from the Versace Maximvs collection

Create the moment.
Break the rules.
Be authentic.