Sunflower Festival


Spend your days taking in Autumn’s prettiest blooming sunflowers at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge. Planting over 3 million sunflower seeds on over 40 acres making this the largest array of sunflowers in the Garden State. The spectacular farm welcomes visitors from 9am–5pm, 7 days a week, starting September 22nd and continues through October 28th. Holland Ridge Farms did not stop at sunflowers. They will wow the visitors with everything Fall has to offer and much more. There will be pumpkin picking, hayrides, u-pick sunflowers, the cutest barnyard animals at Animal Crackers barn, local NJ craft and farmers market, fun in the corn maze, Holland Shop souvenirs, Hollandwood theatre premiering the master of sunflower painters “Vincent Van Gogh”, food trucks and Bobby d’baker making the best sunflower cupcakes around! Don’t forget your camera for fabulous photography opportunities with row after row of 6-foot-tall sunflowers. 

Holland FrontHolland Ridge Farms got its roots opening the first Tulip Festival in April 2018 on central New Jersey farmland, the largest on the East Coast. The tulip fields situated on over 140 acres of beautiful grounds and the farm boasts lovingly restored barns housing something special for everyone. Holland Ridge Farms knows how to grow tulips. Fourth generation tulip growers from Holland, with the youngest Jansen always helping in the fields. This farm has been on the watchful eye of their founder, Casey Jansen, Sr. He came here from Holland over 50 years ago making his mark in NJ. cultivating tulips in greenhouses for wholesale markets. Acquiring this farm in Cream Ridge was his lifelong passion. Colorful tulips can be seen everywhere each Spring in Holland and he wanted to bring that vision here, thus starting the beginning of his dream, Holland Ridge Farms.

Fall is here and the tulips that entertained our visitors are long gone only to be replaced with another stunning bloom, Sunflowers! Holland Ridge Farms has been busy all summer planting seeds filling the fields with sunflowers, corn and pumpkins. The tractors will pull the hayrides through the endless fields of autumn color. Our Fall Festival will leave you breathless seeing every shade of yellow and orange that only an artist can capture.

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The Sunflower Festival would not be complete without the special touch of “Holland”. The Dutch owners invited 10 local artists to paint live in the sunflower fields every weekend. Come watch the magic as painters use their craft on canvas and make the sunflowers come alive, just as Holland’s Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh did in the late 1800’s. The Pick ‘n Choose barn will be converted to an art gallery to display and purchase the amazing art that is created. You never know, Vincent may make a special appearance! Only at Holland Ridge Farms.

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