Show Your Community Some Love This Valentine’s Day and Shop Local

Valentine’s numbers certainly add up!

Valentine’s Day is eagerly anticipated, and each year couples race to make their dinner reservations or surprise their sweethearts with heartfelt gifts.

According to Forbes, Americans take Valentine’s Day quite seriously, spending an average of $142.30 on gifts. Men tend to spend twice as much as women. In 2016, consumers in the United States spent $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts and other surprises.N1802P49003H

Here’s a look at some additional interesting Valentine’s figures, courtesy of Forbes, CNN, and

· Sixty-two percent of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day.

· Roses are popular gifts, with 51 percent of people buying red roses for the holiday.

N1802P46001H· Individuals will spend $1.6 billion on candy, with roughly $448 million spent the week before.

· Valentine’s Day cards are in abundance, with 150 million being exchanged each February 14th.

· Thirty-eight percent of Valentine’s Day consumers plan to buy flowers for the holiday.

· Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. While 91 percent of gifts purchased are for a significant other, family members, friends, classmates, and even pets get their share of gifts, too.

· Surprisingly, mixed flower arrangements edge out red roses as the top flower shop pick.

· Valentine’s Day is certainly one for toasting. Nearly 174,000 gallons of champagne and N1802P66012Hsparkling wines are sold throughout the holiday week.

· In the United States, an estimated $4.8 billion will be spent on jewelry.

· While many are buying cards, about 30 percent will opt for a romantic text message.