Rise of the Bathroom Remodel

This master bathroom remodel illustrates that whites, grays, and neutrals will remain classics. Photo courtesy of At Home Custom Interiors, NJ.

Renovating bathrooms is an emerging trend

Consider that 25 percent of homeowners aim to renovate their baths over the next 12 months versus 15 percent who are preparing for a kitchen redo, according to homeowners surveyed for the True Cost Report. Popular inclusions in those bath reboots include upgraded cabinets, flooring, shower doors, tile, and creative lighting, per the report.

Why are so many folks clamoring for a new or enhanced bathroom? The reasons are rampant.

“Many people chose to renovate their kitchens over the past 20 years – so it makes sense that the bathroom renovation craze is next,” says Carolyn DiCarlo, architectural designer with New York City-based CD Build, Inc.

Bathroom upgrades also tend to be more manageable and less disruptive than kitchen remodels.

They’re usually smaller projects in size and scope, and they typically cost less and require less time.

Additionally, it’s easier and more affordable to incorporate your own style into a bathroom remodel than into a kitchen.

Furthermore, bathrooms are deemed worthier of investment today because they’re increasingly viewed as private sanctuaries where you can pamper yourself—unlike the utilitarian kitchen.

Established homeowners who have enjoyed several years of strong home value appreciation are now indulging themselves with spa-like upgrades—luxurious features like body sprays, rain showerheads, and specialized lighting. And younger homeowners are more focused today on basic fixes, like replacing a worn or broken tile, chipped sinks and upgrading toilets.

Other popular bathroom enhancements currently include bold tile patterns, bright-colored vanities, gold champagne accents, and mold- and moisture-resistant drywall for peace of mind to protect all the pretty stuff, per Anitra Mecadon, TV host and design-build expert.

“Homeowners are also now more interested in floating tubs than sunken tubs, and they’re getting more daring with their bathroom remodel materials and designs,” Mecadon notes.

Among other bathroom trends in vogue are whites, grays and neutral tones with occasional pops of color, differently shaped tile for variety, mixing and matching various hardware tones in the plumbing and lighting fixtures, and cleaner lines.