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Feb 08
Getting Personal with Your Pipes – DIY Plumbing Hacks

By Erik J. Martin If you own a home, sooner or later, the inevitable happens: a…

Mar 30
16 Must-haves for a Basic Toolbox

By Nancy Mattia Maybe you just bought your first house or are trying to save money by…

Dec 01
Trim That Tree Creatively – Make your own holiday ornaments using these tips

By Erik J. Martin Every year, you haul that dusty old box of ornaments out from the…

Sep 15
Low-tech Ways to Smarten Up Your Home – Natural Cleaners

By Erik J. Martin With Americans increasingly focused on automation, technological…

Mar 25
When It’s Better to Hire a Pro for the Job

It’s great to be handy around the house but sometimes it’s OK to call for help.

Nov 08
DIY: Wreath-Making for Every Level of Craftiness

Celebrate your craftier side with these DIY wreath ideas.

Sep 19
DIY Container Gardening: Recipes for Autumn Color

DIY our Autumn Tower and Seasonal Window Box to add a touch of fall to your home.

Aug 06
DIY: Dresser Do-Over

Breathe new life into that old dresser that was otherwise destined for the trash or…

May 16
DIY: How to Hang Photos and Artwork Like a Pro

Personal touches turn a house into a home. Hanging pictures, whether they're personal…

May 10
Home Improvements for the Weekend Warrior

One-day projects to satisfy your desire to fix up your space

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