Moments in Tile

Brought to us by Marina Bertolini of Richmond Tile & Bath (Queen of the Mood Boards)

Close your eyes. Now imagine you’re preparing a fabulous meal for friends. Wine in hand, fav songs playing in the background, you’re dancing around the kitchen. Where are you? Good design can make you feel as if you’re in the South of France, a sky-high penthouse, or even your great-grandfather’s beloved farmhouse.

A well-stocked, thoughtfully curated showroom will offer mind-opening ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, and any room that needs a lift and a bit of imagination. We visited Richmond Tile & Bath where their designers took us from golden glam to nautical and natural all in an afternoon.


Eclectic Glam

Eclectic Glam A super fun, funky, out-of-the-box pattern tile. This could be a wild accent wall or a pop of fun for flooring! The mood is a wild take on a simple black and white moment. Add different patterns and textures to get creative on big, fun spaces! I visualize this in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn bar! Or even a fun retail space for clothing! This is a look that can be placed anywhere you want to add some fun.



Traditional Boho

Traditional Boho This mood board represents fun colors, different textures, and a patterned take on a terrazzo feel. Bold flooring, paired with a bright deep blue subway calls for a WOW moment. The reason why I feel this is “traditional” is because of the sizing of the tiles and use of a subway. The pattern also gives an “old worldly” feeling to make this moment feel the charm and as if it has existed for a while. For me, bohemian is more of a feeling and it’s fun to make the feeling come to life. The colors and the carefree mood this board gives off is all in the meaning of a true boho style.


Gold Digger

Gold Digger Prove your point that fashion is your name game. This Versace board is black and gold polished tiles mixed with a super bold, in-your-face, VERSACE tile. This look and mood is no joke, it screams current fashion and will have everyone talking. Making the entire space a moody black with pops of gold (in the Greek keys and boarders) and having your Versace sign set your tone and entire vibe. Talk about elevating your space… there is truly no other way!



Mediterranean Vacation

Mediterranean Vacation I labeled this mood board and vibe Mediterranean. These colors make me envision a Capri, Italy vacation or a nice dinner looking out at the view in Santorini, Greece.  All of these amazing bright colors are a take on little pieces of Mediterranean vacation or life style. Taking an old world pattern tile with bright colors such as yellow and greens will create a moment in your space that people will not be able to take their eyes off! Pairing with a solid bold color to make that pattern POP even more! With a look like this, you will feel like it’s a sunny, turquoise-blue-water vacation every day, and maybe even a nice glass of wine to enjoy your own new view.

Moments In Tile
Dreamy Renaissance

Dreamy Renaissance This Versace look is chic and feminine with intricate gold detailing that almost replicates a wallpaper. Think floor to ceiling on an accent wall with this gorgeous tile. Or, better yet, open your mind to all the walls in this tile for a true glam queen-like moment. Just picture yourself getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup in your gold framed mirror, and seeing this tile surrounding you… you will feel like a true queen. The bordering Greek key trim pieces will make even more pops of gold and help represent this fashion brand moment in your space. Accent this tile with warm woods and gold hardware, add in gold accents such as mirrors, knobs, and differently gold framed art work!

Boss Vibes

Boss Vibes This bold all black look makes a statement in itself. The field tile is black with gold veining throughout. Pairing it with a wall tile that is black with gold (and gold glitter baked into it) creates a gorgeous show-stopping moment on your walls. The black and gold Greek key I envision is bordering this glittered black and gold wall tile to make it all stand out even more. This concept and design will make you want to take control and be the boss that you already know you are!


The Nautical Farmhouse

The Nautical Farmhouse A dark grey cabinet choice paired with a navy blue nautical star patterned flooring tile, that comes off vintage and distressed, sets the charm of “its been here for a while.” Add a counter top that has light grey veining but is mostly a bright white! Keeping the farmhouse theme in play, I added a handmade looking subway tile in a creamy off-white color to once again play off of the,  “It’s been here awhile” feel. I picture this kitchen in the coast of Maine, with large windows letting in tons of natural light. A  built-in kitchen nook, cozied with pillows, the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine with a new book and as the sun sets I am more relaxed than ever.

Modern Coastal Cottage

Modern Coastal Cottage Wake up to this spa-like, modern beach vibe and start your day in a zen moment. A dreamy fresh terrazzo tile in a light, bright white color, paired with a warm modern-style teak wall tile, creates a relaxing, cloudy feel. To make this space even more zen are tiny micro pebbles for a shower floor to make your feet feel heavenly and as if you just stepped into a day spa. For me personally, I feel like sipping my coffee, running a bath and meditating for my day ahead!




The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse This look is more of a modern take on the farmhouse style. An antique white cabinet paired with a warm, light wood parquet tile results in a newer take on “farmhouse”. Yes I kept the classic subway tile, but what makes it interesting is that it’s in a matte cream color (also a matte  finish gives it more of a modern vibe). Natural stones on the shower floor add a rustic spa feel, because hey, you deserve to feel like you’re at a day spa regardless of “style”!  Adding a terrazzo, light cream colored counter top also contributes to the modern flare of your farmhouse. These little tweaks in selections for your space will yes, keep your old-school farmhouse feel, but update it to a modern, fresh space.

Western Desert Vibes

Western Desert Vibes Okay, this patterned-wood porcelain tile is just insanely gorgeous to me so I needed to create a mood board that featured it! Just the mix of colors .. blue, black, natural wood tones are stunning. I didn’t need to add too much because this wood look alone is a show stopper. You can pair this with a white or colored subway, hex tiles in any color, or even keep your mind open to full-on 4′ x 8′ panel tiles (think matte in a sandy color or lighter brown tones!). I mixed rustic desert pebbles into this look to show that anything is possible with this design. To finish off this Western vibe I show-cased some brown and navy leather choices and a pop of cowhide for a true Western moment. Personally, I see cactus plants and hanging crochet wall planters and definitely some Western-themed wall art to set your tone and achieve your design goal.