At Raw Power, we are completely aware that there are many choices for service providers in this industry.  That is why, as a team, our founders and employees approach every customer and situation with “complete and correct” as the goal to be achieved.

Although generators and their prime movers (diesel or gas engines, turbines, mills, etc.) can be complex and intricate pieces of equipment, proper maintenance and repair can ensure countless hours of reliable power generation.  A routine and thorough inspection of this type of machinery is the only way to preserve critical reliability.  Mother nature and even the onset of time can seriously affect how long, how well, or even if a unit will perform when called upon.

Here are some examples of issues that will cause a unit to fail :

  • Climate changes – both inside and outside of dwellings and structures,  can corrode wiring or lose connections
  • Rodents / Critters – tend to seek shelter around or near the warmth of engine heaters or in electrical enclosures
  • Fluid Leaks – even proper weekly or monthly run tests can create unexpected leaks or failures (that’s why we run tests)
    Raw Power can provide a superior inspection. service, and testing of any manufacturer, model, and size of the generator.
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