At High Quality H2O, we treat each swimming pool as if it were our own. Owning a swimming pool is about enjoying time with family and friends; to truly enjoy your experience, pool maintenance is required, and the right service will benefit you immensely. We offer the best service, with professional maintenance technicians and a high standard of full service.

We offer highly trained service technicians - cross-trained in basic pool repair - at your service. We decided to make this investment in our service technicians because we believe knowledge is the key to your satisfaction. Our technicians consistently train month after month in different pool equipment and repair techniques. Every week they are trained to look for the smallest to the largest detail of your swimming pool and equipment. This is the only way we can deliver the highest quality work. Think about it: why should you pay less now when you will only pay more in the long run? Instead, invest in a highly trained service professional from High Quality H2O. We will save you money and keep your pool crisp, clean and refreshing.

Full service begins with a dependable and consistent presence. As they approach your swimming pool environment, they scan the area, including your equipment. They look for any red flags (poor water flow, non-working auto-cleaner, etc.) as they move on to cleaning the pool (skim, net, vacuum and brush) and the skimmer and pump baskets. Next, they check the chemicals and balance out what is needed (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, calcium, stabilizer and/or salt). Once the chemicals are added for proper balancing, they note any red flags for attention and begin a last-minute scan to ensure your pool is left clean and flowing properly.


209 W. Sylvania Ave. Neptune City, New Jersey 07753


209 W. Sylvania Ave. Neptune City, New Jersey 07753

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