One question a homeowner must answer is, “Will my contractor be around to provide a service for me, even after work on my home has been completed?”

Almost every home improvement company will provide you with various products, manufacturers, and labor warranties. The question is, are they one of the companies that stay or will they be one that no longer exists?

Dura-Plex, Inc. is proud of its staying power. We have served central New Jersey (showroom located in Brick, NJ) since 1972 and plan on keeping it that way. It is obvious that a company which has existed for 43 years could not have done it without providing quality products and service. We are also proud of our record with the BBB and other consumer-related organizations. Dura-Plex, Inc. is rated on Dun & Bradstreet which sets us apart from every other company in this business.

There are other criteria to be used when selecting a home improvement company, but reputation referral should be one of the primary considerations. Dura-Plex, Inc. provides the finest quality products on the market today.


1681 Rt. 88 West, Brick Township, NJ 08724


1681 Rt. 88 West, Brick Township, NJ 08724

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