Holiday Gifts for Home Improvement – Keep the DIY Flame Burning

We’ve spent more time at home in 2020 than we likely have in years past. This has provided homeowners with plenty of time to ponder potential upgrades to their homes. After taking inventory of their lifestyles, surroundings, and furnishings, people have embarked on construction projects or home interior design renovations in record numbers. Holiday gifts that cater to projects around the house are likely to be high on the list this holiday season. Here are some ideas for home improvement-related gifts.

Holiday Gifts for Home Improvement

  • Home improvement retailer gift card: Home improvement centers are one-stop shopping for do-it-yourselfers. To help offset the cost of supplies, gift-givers can give a gift card to a neighborhood hardware store, local paint stockist, or design center.

  • Magazine subscription: There are plenty of ideas on the internet, but a subscription to a home remodeling or interior design magazine puts inspiration right in homeowners’ hands. Pages can be marked or cut out and used on idea boards.
  • Tools and supplies: Homeowners just starting out may benefit from the basics. Stores often sell starter tool kits that can be used in home improvement-themed baskets. Experienced DIYers may have a special tool in mind that is outside their budget right now, like a chop saw or cordless power drill. Purchasing one of these items can help projects move along more smoothly.
  • Expert consultation: Who can’t use a little help with their home remodeling efforts? Give the gift of a consultation from an interior designer or professional contractor to help complete plans that may be a little out of reach for the average DIYer.
  • Big-ticket item: Some friends and family members may want to pool their resources and offer loved ones over-the-top gifts. This can include a backyard playset for children, a storage shed, a hot tub, or even a new appliance package. Gift ideas are endless and only limited by budget.

  • Room re-do: All it may take is some new linens or accents to transform a room. From throw pillows to window treatments to wall art, give the gift of an easy room makeover.

Riding the momentum of increased home improvement projects from the past several months, shoppers can choose home-related holiday gifts to keep the projects and ideas flowing.