Cutting Turkey Thanksgiving Celebration Concept

Here are 10 tips for a smooth Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Use a wide-hole cheese grater to reduce cold butter to pea-size pieces for a piecrust recipe.

2. Opt for ovenproof ceramic or similar cookware that doubles as a serving piece. You get twice the function with only one dishwashing.

3. Avoid some of the last minute juggling to warm foods in the oven by baking side dishes in a French oven – a cast-iron pot with an enamel coating that keeps food hot up to an hour, according to Shelly Young.

4. Save space in the large oven using a toaster oven to brown casseroles or crispbread for croutons.

5. Keep mashed potatoes hot in a slow cooker set at low. Stir in a little butter or cream just before serving.

6. The workday Thermos doubles to keep gravy or sauces hot.

7. A bigger bird may not be a convenience for the cook. Two smaller turkeys can roast in the same pan in less time than a mega-sized turkey, and guests can fight over four, not two, drumsticks.

8. In place of the roasting pan rack, cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of whole carrots, celery stalks, and quartered onions. Set the turkey over the vegetables.

9. If you’re short on time pick up sliced vegetables from the supermarket produce department or salad bar. The extra expense may be worth it.

10. Accidentally burn the piecrust? Scoop out the filling and serve it over ice cream or layer with vanilla pudding as a dessert parfait.