DIY: Wreath-Making for Every Level of Craftiness

Christmas wreath made of colorful ribbons, cones, candy canes, poinsettia petals and artificial holly berries. White background.

by Lauren Johnson

1. “We have scissors around here somewhere.”

This simple project is easy enough even for the kids, who will be overjoyed to hang their own creations from their bedroom doors. Cut a ring from a paper plate and then decorate as you choose.

“Greenery” can be crafted from strips of colored construction paper (roll them around a pencil before gluing to get them to curl up), painted pasta, yarn or scrunched tissue paper. Add pom-pom or button “berries,” gold-star stickers or bows to dress up your disc.

making red christmas wreath diy handmade

2. “Pretty sure I know where the craft store is.”

A tubular foam form makes a lightweight foundation for a basic wrapped wreath. Start by using a straight pin to secure the end of a long strip of burlap, craft ribbon or a fuzzy garland to the backside of your wreath and then wrap the material round and round until you’ve covered the entire form.

Pin or hot glue the other end on the backside. Glue buttons, pom-poms, holly or other festive embellishments around the front to finish. For a miniature version, similarly wrap Mason jar lid rings with twine, ribbon, rick-rack or lace.

3. “I pack a glue gun in my purse.”

A flat wooden form provides a sturdier base for more creative wreath construction. Consider crafting with bleached oyster shells, colorful ball ornaments, cookie cutters, petite pretend presents, driftwood or wine corks. Before beginning, determine how you will hang your completed wreath — hammer a small nail, saw-tooth picture hanger or ring hooks onto the upper backside of the form.

You might also want to paint the wood in a shade similar to your materials to help it blend into the background. Then, using a glue gun, carefully attach layers of your accouterments until the form can no longer be seen.

Christmas wreath

4. “Martha Stewart and I are BFFs.”

Wreaths devised of living materials require special care. For a fresh spin in the Fraser fir tradition, turn to magnolia leaves.Begin by soaking a florist’s foam ring in water overnight. Clip an abundance of individual magnolia leaves from your tree and then insert the stems into the form, overlapping the leaves in unidirectional concentric circles until the foam has been covered. For a monotone effect, use all of the leaves face up; for added interest, turn some of the leaves over so that their brown undersides show.

Leave the stress of perfection to the professionals. These DIY decorating ideas are a great opportunity to bring the kids together and celebrate your craftier side.

42940201_703898743299680_7269914258006081536_n (1)
Santa’s Belly Wreath. Source: Wilhelmina’s Gift Shop, Allentown NJ
42940201_703898743299680_7269914258006081536_n (1)
Poinsettia Wreath. Source: Wilhelmina’s Gift Shop, Allentown NJ

Holiday Wreath-Making Classes are a fun option too! Gather up a group of friends or go it alone, either way you’ll come out with wreath that’s holiday ready! Check out Wilhelmina’s Gift Shop in the quaint village of Allentown NJ  for class schedules and selections!