DIY Container Gardening: Recipes for Autumn Color

Get your home ready for autumn with these fab fall DIYs.


Autumn Tower

1- Select a large, sturdy, watertight container. Fill it with potting soil.

2- Choose pumpkins and/or gourds with flat bottoms so they stack easily. Remove or cut down any stems that are in the way but make sure to leave stem intact on the top pumpkin.

3- Place the bottom pumpkin firmly in the soil and work up. Use hot glue to secure stem area to bottom of next pumpkin as you layer. You can fill any gaps with moss or leaves.

4- Place the branches into the dirt and around the pumpkins to create a teepee. Tie the top with twine.

5- Use the plants listed below as a guide to complete your arrangement.

6- Sit back and enjoy!

TIP: Your finished container will be difficult to move when it’s done so we suggest building it where it will stay throughout the season.


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Seasonal Window Box

1- Start with a clean, window box. Fill with potting soil and make sure there is proper drainage.

2- Use the plant guide below to arrange your foundation plantings. Use only the clipped hydrangea stems, the flowers will dry in place.

3- Fill in gaps with snips of boxwood, ornamental kale, small pumpkins or gourds, and willow branches.

Where to Buy Plants, Grasses, and Pumpkins: Brock Farms in Freehold and Colts Neck, NJ.