Colors Of The Century?

A look inside the new luxury paint line from Benjamin Moore.


Many homeowners and DIY decorators have a love-hate relationship with paint. Not only is picking the right color one of life’s most stressful home-related decisions – especially for couples – but choosing the finish and applying multiple coats requires careful consideration, precision, and patience.

That said, nothing can transform a room from sad to stylish more quickly and more affordably than a new coat of the exact right shade.

Paint company Benjamin Moore, however, is attempting to turn it up a notch when it comes to how we approach paint – both in terms of style and cost.

Century is a brand new, small-batch interior paint created by Benjamin Moore. According to a company press release, the line was developed using a unique resin and coloring system to create a Soft Touch Matte Finish. The texture is said to be similar to a soft leather glove.

home_century_CARDAMOMThe goal of the paint, according to Harriette Martins, paint expert, Benjamin Moore, is to blend art and science in an effort to create a paint with such intense depth of color and texture that is in and of itself is the focal point of the room. It’s the equivalent of a beautiful piece of art inside a can.

The caveat? Price. One gallon will set you back about $125. Martins says the investment, especially for high-end home decorators, is well worth the additional cost.

“By investing in Century you are not only transforming a room but you are transforming the entire color experience,” Martins says. “The exclusive palette of 75 uniquely formulated colors offer an unrivaled depth and richness of color. The Soft Touch Matte Finish offers a tactile experience and creates a new dimension on the wall that feels luxurious. In addition, the small batch technology and pre-mixed nature of Century ensures the truest color and experience in every can.”

According to Martins, the high-end paint was created for fine designs that require flawless execution and impeccable quality, which can be used to great effect in many different types of homes.

The application process isn’t any different than the paint we’re used to and doesn’t require any special application techniques. That said, the price tag alone makes it all the more important to choose the right color the first time. Repainting could be a costly, argument-inducing endeavor.