About Our Cover: The Real-Life Claude & Vinny

A word from artist Leonard Wren

MAY, 2017

Claude (the white goat) and Vinny were born on Lopez Island, Washington 11 years ago. They lived in their little house at my studio until we decided to move to Oklahoma in 2008.

Claude and Vinny

We couldn’t leave them so we brought Claude (after Claude Monet) and Vinny (after Vincent Van Gogh) with us. They rode comfortably in large pet carriers to their new home and live well in an insulated house complete with storm windows and a deck….no TV yet!!!! Claude has always been the alpha male but Vinny has been changing lately. Both are terribly spoiled and beg me for Doritos constantly. Goats are very smart and learn the comforts of life quickly… I love them.

IMG_1478 (1)

Claude & Vinny’s Oklahoma home.