Backsplash to the Max

Why tile backsplash feature walls are hot By Erik J. Martin For years, the traditional backsplash has taken a backseat to other major design elements in a new or remodeled kitchen, serving as a functional yet decorative shield to protect the wall behind it from moisture and food […]

5 Fab Foods for Fidos and Felines

Healthy Ingredients For Your Pet’s Diet We’ve all heard about super foods that we should be adding to our diet because of their antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties, but did you know there are similar foods for our pets, too? Michele Dixon, a health and nutrition specialist with Petcurean, […]

Rise of the Bathroom Remodel

Renovating bathrooms is an emerging trend Consider that 25 percent of homeowners aim to renovate their baths over the next 12 months versus 15 percent who are preparing for a kitchen redo, according to homeowners surveyed for the True Cost Report. Popular inclusions in those bath reboots include […]