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Low-tech Ways to Smarten Up Your Home - natural cleaners

Low-tech Ways to Smarten Up Your Home – Natural Cleaners

By Erik J. Martin With Americans increasingly focused on automation, technological innovation, and cutting-edge gizmos available at lower prices than ever before, it’s easy to …

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Home Shopping

Home Shopping – don’t forget these 9 things

First comes love, then comes a reality check – keep these points in mind By Lindsey Romain It’s easy to get swept away in the …

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Home & Garden Guides Autumn 2021 Cover

Autumn 2021 Digital Edition

Our Autumn 2021 Digital Edition is out! Read it HERE

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Snooping on Snoopy

Snooping on Snoopy – Why you need a smart pet camera

By Erik J. Martin Ever wonder what your dog or cat does while you’re away from home? While they surely don’t have impossible adventures of …

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Robo-suction to the Rescue

Robo-suction to the Rescue – Why it’s smart to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner

By Erik J. Martin The modern home is equipped with many high-tech devices designed to make everyday living simpler and automate common tasks. We’ve got …

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Smart Home Safe Perimeter

Smart Home, Safe Perimeter — Smart devices that can improve your home’s security

By Erik J. Martin Many homeowners have implemented smart home technology inside their abodes in recent years – from Alexa smart speakers and Philips Hue …

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